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Quality of Service (QoS) Solutions

Quality of Service (QoS) Solutions


Enterprise Cloud Storage

VPSA™ by Zadara Storage is the first single tenant SAN and NAS in the Cloud solution that delivers predictable quality of service (QoS). With VPSA™, your organization maintains complete control over hardware configuration and storage settings to ensure predictable performance continuously.

You can scale performance and capacity higher or lower as needed to adapt to changing requirements while meeting your service level agreements (SLAs).

VPSA™ is enterprise-grade storage supporting business databases and applications using standard iSCSI SAN and CIFS/NFS NAS volumes.

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A New Approach to Cloud QoS
At at Zadara Storage we looked at all the existing QoS approaches and thought we could do better by combining them into a best-of-all-worlds offering combining brute force, dedicated resources and SSDs to deliver a new form of cost-effective predictable performance.

Storage-Array-as-a-Service on Juku.it
Enrico Signoretti writes about ‘Storage-Array-As-A-Service': “[Zadara] have architected a very clever software that emulates physical storage arrays (each tenant is a Virtual Array) which can be bought by users on an hourly basis in function of effectively allocated resources.”


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The Zadara Advantage

Single Tenant Cloud Solution
Enjoy full control over encrypted data, dedicated hardware configuration, and storage settings for optimal security

Determine Quality of Service
Maintain complete control over Quality of Service (QoS) with direct access to VPSA™ configurations.

Real SAN and NAS Storage
Support business database and applications without interruptions or configuration changes.

Scalable Performance
Adapt VPSA™ performance higher or lower to match changes in development or compiling.

Scalable Capacity
Scale VPSA™ capacity larger or smaller to accommodate data sets of any size for testing.


The Zadara Cloud and Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA) Technology
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