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While some organizations now protect their mission critical operations with a disaster recovery (DR) plan to manage catastrophic system, site, or regional outages, many still do not have DR protection for their business critical needs.

The extension of DR capabilities to include the databases and applications routinely used to conduce business is restricted by perceptions it is too expensive to comprehensively protect them against disasters.

With SAN and NAS in the Cloud solutions and the power of cloud economics, DR costs are lowered so any organization can broadly deploy disaster recovery. VPSA™ is an enterprise-grade solution offering iSCSI SAN and CIFS/NFS NAS storage that complements cloud computing and creates a robust foundation making DR practical for the databases and applications your workforce needs to remain effective.

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The Zadara Advantage

Maintain Access to Information
Experience enterprise-grade reliability availability, and serviceability plus the added benefits of cloud architecture.

Low Storage Costs
Cloud economics with pay-as-you-go usage-based billing eliminate waste and minimize expenses.

Simplify Cloud Implementation
VPSA™ is the first SAN and NAS in the Cloud solution and natively resides in the cloud.

Predictable Quality of Service
Maintain complete control over Quality of Service (QoS) with direct access to VPSA™ configurations.

Reduce Administration Efforts
Choose your preferred administration method. VPSA™ supports CLI, GUI, and REST management.


The Zadara Cloud and Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA) Technology
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