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Cloud Block Storage

Cloud Block Storage (SAN) as a Service

The Zadara™ Storage VPSA (Virtual Private Storage Array™) technology looks, performs and behaves like an Enterprise SAN appliance—with an iSCSI server, dual HA controllers, dedicated high performance drives and Enterprise class SAN features—but is offered On-Premise as a Service (OPaaS) and as a service at public cloud providers (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, CloudSigma and Dimension Data) and select dedicated colocation facilities in a pay-per-usage service, today.

Cloud SAN: Enterprise-grade storage area network storage using iSCSI for block storage

Enterprise class SAN appliances are high performance, highly available with dual controller configuration and a rich set of enterprise features. Until now, high performance sharing capability was not available in the cloud, only object storage is available with high latency and lacking enterprise class features.

With VPSA cloud NAS and SAN solution, you can connect multiple Cloud Servers to your VPSA using iSCSI and share block storage at 10x better performance than using available cloud object storage.

Cloud Flexibility

VPSA™ are treated as a native storage service of partner clouds, and thus enable users with simplified management. VPSA™ can be provisioned on the fly, deliver web-scale volumes and are charged on-demand, by the hour.

Data Center-Grade SAN

Whether On-Premise as a Service (OPaaS) private cloud or off-premise deployment, expect data center-grade availability, scalability, performance, consistency, protection and management efficiency for business critical applications and big data and take advantage of total flexibility, multi-tenant architecture, elasticity, and reduction of total cost of ownership (TCO).

To learn about On-Premise as a Service (OPaaS) that places private, dedicatedVPSA storage on-site in your local and/or remote data centers: Click here

To learn more about VPSA service at leading public cloud locations (including AWS, Dimension Data, CloudSigma): Click here

If you’re interested in our dedicated colocation facility partners: Click here


Enterprise Class Cloud-Block-Storage-as-a-Service (Webinar)
Watch this live webinar replay to learn how to better understand the value of Enterprise Class storage in the Cloud, discover how adding enterprise storage as-a-service can help to develop your cloud strategy, identify “on-premise applications” you can now move to the cloud with similar performance and security attributes, and see a demo for creating a VPSA Cloud block storage solution with just a few clicks.

IOMeter Benchmark:
Zadara Cloud Block Storage vs Amazon Elastic Block Storage

See a performance benchmark comparison between Amazon EBS volume and Zadara iSCSI volume, from an EC2 Windows machine using IOMeter Benchmark.

What is Zadara Cloud Block Storage? (video)

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Key Features

SAN Volumes enterprise-grade SAN using iSCSI for block storage.

Single-tenant private solution provides complete system control

Unified storage for SAN (block) and NAS (file) data access

Scale performance and capacity to any level desired

Tiered storage with flash (SSD) and hard disk drives (HDD)

Repository storage for big data and streaming applications

Predictable Performance™ from dedicated hardware

Limitless capacity from cloud-based storage architecture

Metered billing and subscription-based pricing improves ROI

Simple management and monitoring reduces workloads

Quality of service (QoS) protects service level agreements (SLAs)

Data at rest encryption ensures security of stored information

Remote mirroring facilitates geo-dispersed disaster recovery

Asynchronous replication supports business continuity

Data protection with complete control over RAID and controllers

Snapshots and clones simplify data backup and recovery

Thin provisioning maximizes storage efficiency to reduce cost


The Zadara Cloud and Virtual Private Storage Array (VPSA) Technology
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